Local Business E-Mail Marketing To Gain New Customers

July 4, 2015

Many businesses make the mistake of just promoting their business and content to their existing customers by email. Whilst this can be an extremely effective technique to build trust and relationships with them it will miss out on the huge opportunity to reach new customers through email marketing for your local business. This guide will explain to you you how to add new customers to a small business e-mail marketing list and how to build trust and convert them into new customers over time.

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How Much You Should Spend on Advertising Your Business

June 30, 2015

There are a number of simple formulas and strategies you can employ to make sure your growing your business as quickly as possible without breaking the bank. The reason it’s so important to pick the right small business advertising budget is that if you allocate too little then you could find out you don’t have enough customers at the end of the year because you’ve missed your targets. Allocate too much and you may put too much strain on your cash flow or take on more business than you can service.

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